New Beginnings

So who thought of the word 'blog'? Well I've done some research and it comes from the term 'Weblog' which started in the 1990's as the World Wide Web began to flourish. Of course! So there you go, but I don't like it so my posts will be updates to a 'Journal'. Call me old fashioned but that's more 'me'.

Here I am and here I go! Everyone I know is aware that I love photography and it has in recent years taken over my life. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep. I love creating images which allow people to see themselves in a different way. It gives me so much joy to see their faces when I reveal images for the first time.

This is the birth of One Life Photography.

This image is of the stunning Adelle. Devine on the inside and out. I created this in her backyard in the late afternoon sun using just a couple of white sheets, one as a backdrop and one to filter the light. A natural beauty, Adelle needs no 'tizzing' just a little lippy and a quick waft of a hairbrush, that's it. This 'Art Life' creation is now an heirloom for her boys' families to one day haggle over. Thank You Adelle!

#Onelifephotography #ArtLife

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